Question on optional fan of hyper 212+

I want to put one more fan to the hyper 212+. I wish I could get help on several questions here:

1. A 120mm case fan can be used for the purpose?

2. The optional fan should blow air in the heatsink or out the heat sink? (I have 3 fans on the case cm 690 II advanced, front in, rear out, top out)

3. Any recommendation on cheap and quiet fan? I wish I could drop cpu temperature a few degrees with this additional fan.

4. The motherboard only has one cpu fan connector. Should I connect the additional cpu fan directly to the power?

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  1. 1. Yes, a case fan can be used.

    2. The fan should be blowing in the same direction as the current fan that is on there.

    3. New egg has a great power search function, i suggest you use this to choose your specifics. A fan that is >90cfm and <25 dba will suffice. Make sure you are either buying a fan that is equal or more powerful than the current fan, otherwise you will have increased temps.

    4. Yes, connect it directly into the PSU, or one of the 3 pin power headers oN the mobo.

    Hope that helps...

  2. Will this one work?

    With this fan, can I drop the cpu temperature 3C or 4C?
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