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ECS 915P-A ddr2 533 ram issues

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February 27, 2009 4:22:27 AM

Hello, I've decided I want to upgrade my desktop with more ram. I purchased a 2 gig set of ram( Kingston DDR2 533) which is suppose to be compatible with my mobo. I currently have 2x 512( CORSAIR/VALUE SELECT DDR 400) ram running with this machine with no problems i believe. Now, when i decide to swap out the ram with the new one(i.e Taking out DDR 400 to put in DDR2 533), the ram fits, like how its suppose to... but when i start my comp, it just stays as a black screen..., I hope i can get some ideas... cause i really have no clue, hopefully someone can help... it might be a hardware power issue, by not being able to read ram slots 2, and 4 but i have no idea

*A few things about my mobo that should(or help) be noted
It has 4 ram slots, 2 meant for ddr, the other two meant for ddr2
Cant have both running at the same time.
running windows xp
when i run cpu-z in says my bios is dated 08/08/2005, and I cant find anything later then that as an update

*UPDATE* im running an ECS915-A mobo Chipset Intel 915P/915G
I dont believe I caused a static charge... whether the case i was grounded or not(I touched a metal screw), I handled the same ram that is working in my machine currently right after (DDR 400 2x512)
i am "trying" to run dual channel of 2x 1gig ddr2 533(which means two 1 gig sticks) just in case
April 10, 2009 3:14:52 AM

My situation is virtually identical. I have a 915p-A v1.1 currently running 2x512 ddr400 (Corsair-valueselect). I just bought 2x1gb ddr2 533 (Kingston) and it's not working, I just get the black screen when I turn it on, no beeps or indication that it's starting up. When I put the ddr400 back in it works fine. Am I missing something?
a c 236 V Motherboard
April 10, 2009 6:10:41 PM

Is the Kingston part number KVR533D2N4K2/2G? If so, it should work if you have a version 1.1 or newer ECS915-A motherboard.
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April 10, 2009 6:18:22 PM

yes, that is the part number for my new ram. Everything I've checked says it should work as well. I haven't used DDR2 in this mobo yet so I can't tell if the DDR2 slots are working. How likely is it that the RAM is bad and needs to be exchanged? (
a c 236 V Motherboard
April 10, 2009 8:07:31 PM

Try one module at a time. Make sure the slots aren't filled with dust or lint. If need be, vacuum them, but be careful.