FastTrak TX 4310 RAID 0 ''problem''

Hello everyone, been reading these forums for some time; cheers to all of you and sorry for my bad English.


I got 2 new WD Black Caviars 640 GB into RAID 0 with controller Promise FastTrak TX 4310.
Everything went smooth, installing, drivers, webPAM etc.

Now, i tried some experimenting regarding the speed and didn't notice huge change.
Tested with HD Tach and HD tune and concluded, hey, this is PCI controller, so basicly it cannot go over 120MB/s.
Which makes my RAID 0 setup and controller investment-totally pointles.

Am I missing something here?

Is it possible to connect PCI controller into PCIx bus (got one free on my mobo) and have some improvement?

Or this is one of those examples where people say,
smart ones learn on other people mistakes, fools learn on their owns...
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  1. PCI and PCIe are completely different connectors, so no your PCI card can't plug into the faster slot & make gains. You could look for a PCIe card though, I don't think they are that expensive.

    What processor/motherboard are you running on?
    Core2Quad Q6600
    XP SP 2.
    4 GB RAM
    ATI 5770

    Guess I'll go to JBOD then or leave like it is...
  3. Are you using the onboard RAID controller with that MB?

    Have you compared RAID 0 vs. JBOD with those drives, for your workload? RAID 0 will speed some things up, but not everything will see a huge jump.
  4. RAID 0 is pointless, and yeah, JBOD will work even less effectively... PCIe is the way to go with ANY RAID solution, and if you don't understand the difference, then you're not even qualified to use Google...
  5. marcellis - can you explain to me what JBOD is, that it is less effective than the "pointless" raid 0?
  6. gtvr - I'm using PCI controller as mentioned above. Haven't tried MB controller.

    marcellis22 - RAID 0 is pointless with PCI controller solution, I GUESS. Kinda funny there's lot of them on market considering the effectivness u get.
    Now i have PCI controller so I'll got to deal with that. I want to use all available space on disks, so that's wha I said JBOD after seeing RAID 0 doesn't have too much effect...tho I guess it's the best to leave it this way.
  7. If you are using the PCI RAID controller, you are strangling your throughput. The built in SATA RAID should give you more performance. As long as you understand the tradeoffs of using RAID 0, try that and see how it compares.
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