Windows detecting HDD that does not exist!

I just finished installing my dad's computer a couple of days ago, all hardware is fine, but vista is detecting a HDD that does not exist, the windows XP setup disk also detects this unpartitioned HDD. No USB drives are installed, neither do I have a CD/DVD or any other writeable device plugged in besides his 2 HDDs.

Asus P5Q-Pro
4GB Ram DDR2-800
Asus WiFi WL-130N
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio
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  1. Do you see this drive listed in the BIOS? I'm guessing no.

    Are you sure you are not seeing unpartitioned disk space on an existing drive?

    How big is the volume? Did you install Express Gate?

    Did you install the latest drivers downloaded from the ASUS site, including IDE controller and chipset?
  2. Yes, well it seems fixed now after installing XP instead of windows no problems anymore, but I had done all what you said, I didnt install express gate. Anyways it's fine now.
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