What CPU is compatible with GA-965P-DS3?


i need all the hairy details to find what CPU is compatible with:


Please HELP :(
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  1. LGA 775
    DDR2 800
    SATA 3.0Gb/s Interface
    1.8V-2.4V RAM voltage
    1006/800/533MHz Front Side Bus
    4 Memory Slots
    Dual Channel Memory Supported
    ATA 100 connector
    RAID 0/1
    4 USB 2.0 ports
    ATX Form Factor
  2. You need to check and see what the revision number is - it's stamped on the board.

    If it's an original ver 1.3, you are limited to Conroe or Kentsfield models which are the Q6XXX series for quadcore and the E6XXX series for dualcore.

    If it's a version 2 or later, I believe you can use any of the socket 775 CPUs.
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  4. what cpu is compatible with the above specification
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