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First time setting up RAID 1 Array

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April 2, 2010 8:25:51 PM

I haven't used RAID arrays before but decided I wanted one so that I had some fault tolerance on my media drives. I think I screwwed up something in the RAID array configuration though.

First my hardware because I know you all need that info.
Crosshair III mobo Bios revision 1403(upgraded to 1503 this morning after I installed the RAID array)
2x 2 TB Samsung F3EG for RAID 1(new drives)
1x 1 TB Samsung F3 7200 RPM for System Drive
Windows 7 Professional

First i used Samsung's ES Tool to do a full diagnostic on each drive. No errors were found so I created a RAID 1 array in the AMD Option Rom. It created the RAID array correctly so it appeared anyway. It asked me to do a quick initialization (which I had it do) but never asked or gave the option for a full one. Once that was done, I reconnected my system Drive and loaded up windows. I then couldnt see the Raid array(my fault, forgot the drivers) I installed the drivers, then I went into the windows disk management utility and formatted the array as NTFS. After that Windows did indeed detect the array no problem. HD Sentinal couldn't get the SMART info from the disks but it said due to them being in a RAID array this wasn't possible so I didn't think much of it. Next I installed RAIDXpert from AMD and it saw the 2 drives, the logical array, and it said it could see that SMART Data and the drives were healthy. I copied some data onto them then told it to do a synchronization check on the array to make sure all data was accounted for, complete, and all that. BUT it said it couldn't because the array was never initialized! The initialization tab is also grayed out. Do I need to recreate the array in RAIDXpert even though it was already showing up there? Or did I screw up something more fundamental? Or is everything ok and RAIDXpert just being picky because I didn't create the RAID array there as well as in the Option Rom? I don't want to let it go and then have a drive fail and not be able to rebuild it because I messed it up. I didn't see a RAID rebuild option in the option Rom so I am led to believe I can only rebuild through RAIDXpert so I need to make sure I do this right.

Sorry about the long winded paragraph but I wanted to give as complete a picture as possible.

I have all the data still on their original external drives so its not a problem if I need to start from scratch.

Thanks for any help.

Full system specs if you guys need that as well.
Crosshair III 1503 bios
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE Oc'ed to 3.4 ghz
2x ATI HD 4850 crossfired
8 gigs Crucial DDR 1333 Oc'ed to 1419 ghz
2x 2TB Samsung F3EG
1x 1TB Samsung F3 7200 RPM
1x 320 gig Seagate IDE Drive
850 Watt Thermaltake Toughpower PSU

The OCed numbers are from simply bumping up the CPU level up feature one notch (on a stock cooler don't want to go any higher until I get a new cooler). It determined all values itself.

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July 21, 2010 1:12:13 PM

Most if not all RAID's use a list of approved disks, your disk must be on the list of approved disks.

And the BIOS must be on the approved list as well as the (ALL OF THEM ) Drivers.
now if all of the above is in place then you must install the interface with remote access.

As you will kneed remote access sooner or later thus when you install tick the required box.
( Thus do it now and not later! )

If all drives are seen re-boot/ re-load all drivers/devices.
From the web page or a local installer load the required administrator to the RAID application.

Now just follow the instructions. It will all work for you. But the disk part numbers and the BISO visions are both important items to be in place.
Now just enjoy!! Rgds Rootie

July 21, 2010 3:55:07 PM

After setting up my raid Gigabyte board I had to press ctrl L at boot to finalize the process. Just a thought.