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Hey everyone.
I just built a new system yesterday w/ a intel x25v ssd. It was super fast yesterday with the default settings during boot, loading whatnot... I downloaded an ssd tweaker and set it to auto-tweak. It was still fast during the reboot. I then noticed i didn't have very much space left so i deleted the page file being that i have 8 gb of ram. I don't know if thats what caused it or what.. but now when i load windows (it gets to the log on screen very fast) it hangs as soon as i press enter for around 30 seconds. It used to be an instant- to desktop thing. Any suggestions?

storage: x25v 40gb, 250gb, 1tb WDs.
Ram 8gb 1600mhz corsair
cpu i7 lynnfield @ 3.3
vga 5830
os win 7 64 ult
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  1. and another thing my mobo (gigabyte Ga-p55m-ud2) has options to change from Sata port0-3 native mode (enabled vs disabled) do i want this enabled which would allow sata conrollers to operative in native ide mode? I am currently reading this in the manual and still don't understand this Native IDE or legacy ide mode.

    Maybe some setting here is preventing my DVD drive(an ide drive) from also showing up in win 7. Which was also working fine when i installed windows at the start. there are some settings for ahci vs disabled also that i don't understand.

  2. I am assuming you did nto map network resources that are no longer available (this can cause an issue at login also). There are multiple things you may want to test to derive what the issue is.

    1) You may want to restore the paging file and see if that corrects the issue.
    2) You may want to create another login account and see if that account has a problem, if not then it narrows down to an account setting.

    Assuming you used the same tweak utility I used that should not be the issue, nor should the no paging file be an issue (although Windows 7 bugged me about it until I gave in and setup a small one). My drive is different (OCZ Vertex) but I have setup multiple PC's (8 or so) on the X-25 without encountering the issue you are having (XP though). My guess is that it is related to something that was installed or connected. I had issues with certain programs that launched at startup, you could try safe mdoe and see if the boot time is any faster as that would limit the startup programs.

    DVD drive: can you see it in computer management? It may jsut need a drive letter assigned. Is it seen at boot time?
  3. Go into safe mode, disable the paging file, or set it to a fixed size below the amount of free space you have.
    You can easily set the swp file to 128MB without serious issues.
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