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Hey guys Im new to overclocking, I recently built a i3 540 system with a GigaByte P55-UD3 board and it overclocks fine up untill Bclock his 170MHz, Any tips on what I could try to get it to run any faster? Temps are running about 33C idle and 45-50C under load. Thanks
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  1. I have a coolermaster v8, im at 1.312V Core at 3.9GHz (23x170) I will need way more voltage then 1.3 for 200block. I cant find IGP setting to check to make sure it is off, any idea what its under in BIOS?
  2. I would bump pll and vtt a single notch and make sure qpi is at least twice of memory - in fact even with memory at 6x I would set qpi at 16x

    Have you tried lowering your cpu multiplier to see if it's chipset or cpu limited? And I'm assuming you have at least ddr3-1333 memory and memory voltage set to 1.65 if the modules require that (check spd settings)
  3. Ok so that means my BIOS is putting to much vcore in my chip now, Maybe i need to update my BIOS to get that IGP setting I cant find it anywhere currently, I have bios revision f4, anyone know if that supports the new i3's?
  4. Ok I made some progress. I broke 4Ghz, barley. But not without my first scare of overclocking. Let me back track for anyone interested in my first quest in overlocking.
    Up untill now all I had to do to OC was just keep upping the bclock, 5 or 10mhz at a time. Bios auto set all volages and no problems from the memory as it went up. Nothing went wrong till I tried to go past 170bclock, but then the BIOS detected an error and reset to defualts and everything was fine.

    Fast forward to Sunday and I'm trying to run bclock of 180 with a CPU multipler of 20 (23 is stock setting) as neiroatopelcc suggested to see if it was mboard or cpu that wouldnt go past 170x23. Well I try to boot and it fails, no output to the monitor and the keyboard didnt work. No automatic BIOS catch to save me and reset to default. This time it acted like it booted but just hung up. I tried restarting it a couple times with no luck. I had never read or heard anytihng from anyone about a situation like this so I pulled out the mb book to find out how to get to factory defualts. I saw a picture diagram with a reset CMOS jumper graphic. I looked on my mb, saw the jumper, and got out a screw driver and put it on said jumper for a count of 5 seconds. I turned my rig back on (with my fingers crossed) and it worked, back to standard settings in the BIOS. I tested the system a bit, two restarts worth then went back for 3.9ghz which ran stable till today; when I decided this morning to try for 4ghz.

    How I did this was by tweaking them memroy settings. I changed the memory multiper from 10 to 8 which lowers the memory freq from 1700@3.91ghz (170 x10) to 1400@4.03(175x8) and thats what I'm typing on now seems stable so I want more till I get up to psychos rig at 4.6ghz. My temps are at 34 as I type this with a max of 48 in the hour plus Ive been on.

    So 4 questions for anyone gracious enough to help me out,

    1 Since I still havent flashed my Bios is the IGP running this fast too?
    2. If yes, should I worry?
    3. Should I stop pushing it till I flash the BIOS and disable the IGP?
    4. Does this mean that my Ram isnt stable past 1700mhz?

    Thnks to psycho and neiroatopelcc for the tips
  5. Heya guys - hope someone sees this...!

    I have ordered an i3 540, 2x2GB Patriot Viper 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Intel H55 (Socket 1156) motherboard, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (rev2) CPU cooler (all for £160 NEW!).

    I am going to be looking to overclock my i3 540, gradually increasing base clock by 5 MHz per try.

    To hit 4.6GHz, the settings would need to be:

    200MHz Base Clock (x23 multi = 4600MHz)
    8x memory ratio
    =8x200 = 1600MHz RAM speed

    If I can't hit 4.6GHz, I can hit 4.0 - 4.6GHz with x8 memory multiplier, with memory MHz slightly underclocked?

    I understand I will need to bump vCore up to 1.3v (will do this gradually as well) to get this stable.

    1) Can anyone confirm for me if these are the correct settings and
    2) Can anyone confirm if the Arctic 7 cooler be good enough to keep this cool @ 4.6GHz??

  6. for i3 at the OC levels you want to achieve AC 7 is OK....... barely..........though CM hyper 212 plus would have been a better bet for the same price ...........
  7. ok, thanks for the tips, I probably won't run it above 60-65 degrees C @100% usage, and I'm happy with anything above 3.8GHz so its not a big deal if i can't hit 4.6GHz comfortably.

    (getting the arctic cooler + ram fitting on that motherboard is gonna be a tight squeeze, gonna use slots 2 & 4 for the RAM so should be ok)
  8. running @ 4.0GHz on day one, temps are under 60 degrees C so there is a bit of room for improvement at a later date if needed :p

    ended up getting 1333MHz OCZ memory instead so settings were:

    vCore = 1.300v
    Base Clock = 174 MHz
    Multiplier = x23
    Memory Ratio = x6
    QPI = x32
    Memory MHz = 1044
    Timings = 6-8-8-16 (auto)
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