Phenom II X3 710 compatibility

I'm looking at building a new machine in the next week or so, and I really like the Gigabyte MA 770-UD3 MB, I know with the recent bios upgrade it is compatible with the 710's, but is it shipping with that bios now?

I'd be happy to consider another full ATX size board if the 770MA isnt the best choice, but I'd like to keep board cost as low as possible
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  1. I use Intels, and I keep a spare, cheap, Celeron laying around just for burning BIOS to MOBOs that may, or may not, support advanced chips as shipped; the problem is, unless you can find someone who's already successfully burned from the exact BIOS you are shipped, to the BIOS you want, using the chip you intend, you can't know if it will work or ruin your BIOS, bricking your board...
  2. I'm in the same situation. Only I'd like to put in a phenom II x3 720. Anyone on this list install this chip in the MA 770-UD3? Does Gigabyte have a support number to call? I can't find it anywhere on their site.
  3. When Gigabyte lists a "compatible CPU" in the list for their MBs, does this mean they've successfully ran a stable system for sometime, or does it mean they were able to boot?
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