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Hey all need some advice. I just built a i5 system and now want to upgrade my hard drive and need to know if i should go with a 64 gig ssd or a 150 gig raptor.
I play wow,do the itunes thing and surf the net so a 64gig or 150 rap would be enough space for me. The egg is having a sale on some ssd's and they are around the same price as the raptor. So what do you think?
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  1. go with Raptor..
    there's issues with SSD like freezing and other issues

    raptor gives performance & more space

    SSD may need some time to gain its reliability as like magnetic HDD..
  2. get a good SSD, or one of the newer 500GB/platter hdds (Samsung Spinpoint F3)

    IMO the rapters aren't worth it since the 500GB/platter drives are just as fast (minus seek times)
  3. manojgj: please don't let others pay for the bad choice YOU made; you shouldn't have bought your JMicron-SSD; now don't bug others by scaring them away from SSDs.

    bigpympin: i would advice only Intel SSDs; the 40GB or 80GB are affordable and highly recommended.
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    If you can get a large enough SSD for your needs at the same price as a velociraptor, then certainly get the SSD.

    IMO, SSD's are still too expensive per GB of space. 128GB in the $150 price range is what I'm waiting for. It's gonna be a long wait...
  5. Wait till Q4 2010; then the new 28nm flash product will come available, which will offer better $-per-dollar than current SSD offerings.

    Still, unless you're a gamer or using extremely large applications, a 40GB boot disk should do honestly. It does require you to be strict about storing all user data elsewhere, though; but that's the whole point of using SSD+HDD; SSD for the system HDD for mass storage.
  6. Thanks guys, I am pretty sure i will get the ssd drive :)
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