Using Fax with DSL connection

I currently have 2 land line telephone numbers:

1) I have DSL and voice with answering machine
2) I use only for faxing

Can I eliminate the land line I use only for faxing and use my Winfax Pro on the other land line? I currently have Windows XP. If I can how do I set it up?
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  1. You are able to send a fax directly from your computer if you have the following hardware and other items needed connected to your system: a fax modem, a DSL line filter, a copy of the fax in question on your computer in an acceptable file format, a fax program and a phone line connecting the fax modem to your phone line through the DSL line filter. Send your fax using your fax modem. Open your fax program. Ready the fax to be sent. Follow the directions given by the fax program to complete the process.

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