Can't find HD

I just built a new computer with 3 Hard Drives and I can't find one.
I have windows 7 64 installed on a 60G SSD, It also found the Raptor 300G. The mobo and device manager see my 500G drive but when I search for it in "Computer" it only has the first two. The device manager says that it is working properly also.

Has anyone seen something like this before?
Hopefully it's a little mistake.

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  1. Anything??
  2. Andrew, assuming that this is a new drive. Right click My Computer, select Manage, under Storage select Disk Management. Look for your unseen drive as an unknown partition. You should see it in the top window and be able to locate it in the bottom window. Right click on it and select "Format". Once it is formatted it will appear as a drive in My Computer.
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