Quad Q9650 vs core i7 920

hello ,
This is getting really difficult for me! I wish to make the better decision .

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 4.41Ghz @ 1.392v ($333)
Asus Rampage Extreme ($159)

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz ($290)
GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ($300)

i guess those motherboards are good enough .(i welcome with any better motherboards models for those 2 processors )
so if i am not gonna upgrade on the next 3 years, i gonna install linux or vista or.., i work on 3d max and some design programs beside some programming languages (system and scripting too) ,beside i gonna gaming in the free time.

so the what is the deference in the performance between the triple Chanel cpu and the dual kit Chanel. and when the Q9650 overclock to 4.2 or 4.4 ,will it be better than the core i7 920 or what ??

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  1. I don't own either yet, but have just made the same decision as you over the same two processors. I have decided to get the i7 920 after some research. You get the most for your money out of the i7 series. The 920 can be overclocked easily to 3.5-3.8 comfortably on air. I hear you can do at least 4 with some more tweaks.

    If you look up the testing results on the i7 series, it has double the read and write speeds of the QX9650 and similar quads. The price difference isn't that much from what I researched. Where did you find an OC'd Q9650 for $333? Newegg has the regular one for over $500 last I checked.
  2. Read and write speeds of a cpu?

    Find a OC'd cpu for sale.? The regular one as apposed to a overclocked cpu? Wow. You CAN NOT buy a cpu that is overclocked. That is impossible.
  3. I know that. I'm talking benchmark CPU tests. Why are you talking about Q9650 at 4.41Ghz and the exact voltage as if you already had this done? You confused me cause that is not the stock speed.
  4. i have a q6600 at 3.6
    q9650 3.8 heatsink wasnt seated right no backplate
    and now a i7 920 at 4.0
    i maybe switching back to my q9650 to see if i can hit +4ghz with better cooling ( i was using the weak stock intel pins without backplate)

    For some reason the q9650 felt snappier than this i7
    i7 will win easily in encoding and decoding (memory)
    but if you dont want to spend extra for a new mb and ram i would go q9650 and wait till the next gen smaller die procs
  5. If your not going to overclock the i7 past say 3.4ghz then you might as well get a x3 720 BE cos it'll save you a load of cash which you could spend on water cooling or a better graphics card.

    720 x3 BE ($145)
    AM3 mobo (~$200)

    also the am3 mobo's that I've seen also come with six slots of triple channel but are limited to ddr3-1333 because of the CPU. but never the less when motherboards come out that support the samsung 32gb dimm's then you've got 192gB of ram
  6. this is also the question going on my mind for the reason that i7920 is a bit cheaper but i already grabbed q9650 cos i won't overclock. i chose 775 mobo's so i can upgrade to extreme quad when it lower down the price.
  7. someguy7 said:
    Read and write speeds of a cpu?

    Find a OC'd cpu for sale.? The regular one as apposed to a overclocked cpu? Wow. You CAN NOT buy a cpu that is overclocked. That is impossible.

    Read and write speeds of a cpu?

    well i think hes refers to the new socket interfaz that has a very huge memory bandwidth.

    relating of buying a OCd CPU
    Not impossible... but yes ilegal if remarked as stock speed =D.
  8. Core i7 920. It'll be costlier at the time but the "futureproofness" will greatly outlast the Q9650.
  9. Look...

    If you have motherboard with FSB 1600, you can not overclock it to more than 1600FSB, because the motherboard will not be stable in FSB and Frequency if you do, also the motherboard will burn, or get very much temperature.

    The more fast is your 1st choice the 9650, but in this case you need motherboard with FSB able to overclock the Processor to the limiti but without the limit of being unstable. This you can calculate if you think of these.

    1. The memory for example can have frequency 2000Mhz, if the core is 4, as the 9650, then you do this.

    500MHZ x 4 = 2000 frequency in the memory and FSB, so you need motherboard of 2000FSB to have the nest results. But the i7 920 is also so good that the diferrence is slightly seen...

    What you have to know is that the Memory Frequency should be so that Memory Frequency : 4 = The limit of each of the 4 Processors and for the FSB the same, for to have stable FSB and PC.

    Look here too, to have more ideas... I would choose the 9650 for sure, if there was motherboard with 2000FSB.
    For i7 920, SLBEJ (D0)
    2.67 GHz 1/1/1/2 4 4 × 256 KB 8 MB 1 × 4.8 GT/s QPI 20× 2133 MHz 3 × DDR3-1066 0.8–1.375 V 130 W LGA 1366 November 17, 2008 BX80601920
    $284 the motherboard should have FSB the more 1066, because the memoery support of i7 920 is 1066MHz.

    Why dont you put this, this has 6 cores, but then you might need FSB 2400 for maximum speed.

    Have a look also here, to understand more about all these
  10. You do realize that you replied to a year old thread right?

    I'm sure the OP is set by now.
  11. idiot ressing thread 2 years after last post
  12. question evolves to 920 vs 2500k lol?
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