Is my external hard drive kaput?


I have a 500GB Seagate external drive, with some back up files, games and movies on it.
Some semi-important stuff.

Today i was messing around with the wiring and something seems to have went wrong with the USB connections.

I tried reasarching "unknow device not found," ...

it seems as the the drive powers on, the light stays on for a sec and then shuts off.

Okay, so i think i might be done-BUT i held it to my ear and it sounds as though the drive is still running...

The same thing happened to my ipod touch-except windows will connect to it, but not charge it and it says usb device not recognized....

all my other usb devices work-I can charge my blackberry, use my usb controller, ect. it is just these two devices....

Does anyone have any advice?
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  1. Have you tried rebooting? Some USB glitches go away with a reboot.
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