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I've been in the market for an upgrade for a while, and now, as i've finally saved up enough money, i'm asessing my options.

I need a new power supply and case, i'll probably go for a 700w and a quality midtower case.

I like the look of the new 4850X2, as if I got that, I would not have to upgrade my motherboard to support sli/crossfire.

But my processor is only an AMD 5600+ X2 running at 2.8 ghz. Would it be better to buy a q6600 and a cheaper 4870 instead (keeping in mind that in that situation I would need a new motherboard to support the processor), or go for pure graphics grunt with the 4850x2?

Thanks in advance for the help, can't wait to get my Crysis on :kaola: .
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  1. the amd proc u have will limit ur 4850x2, overclock of start fresh and sell it
  2. What resolution do you play at.

    I recommend, OC the 5600 x2 if you can and go with the new GFX card.

    If this situation is possible, probably best case scenario. If not. The 4870 and the Intel setup will not dissapoint.
  3. I'm running a 22" at 1680*1050 (I don't want or need a higher resolution). If the option of getting the 4850x2 and keeping the dual core is about equal to the intel Q6600, I will go with the former option (I don't really want a full-scale motherboard upgrade at the moment, as I would like to replace the minimum of parts).

    As with overclocking the 5600 x2, how far will it safely overclock?

    I just want a computer that can max out detail settings at 1680*1050 (AA doesn't matter so much to me, but it would be nice) at a consistent 30+ fps at most games (COD4, Bioshock, Gears of war, farcry 2) and can have a good go at Crysis.

    Would the "CPU bottleneck" have that much of an impact on this system? (I don't care about fps loss from like 150-120, I mean in the lower regions of fps, like in crysis)

    PS: My system at the moment has a 5600+ X2, an 8500gt (lolz I know) and 2gb of RAM, and runs vista, I don't know about a RAM upgrade, as the stupid OS is 32 bit (i'm guna buy another HDD to run XP on as soon as possible).

    Thanks :sol:
  4. more ram is still better even if the 32bit wont recognize all of it, and the prices of ddr2 ram are dropping dramitacally (i saw some ddr2 800 for 23$ on newegg the other day given it had horrible voltages so it wouldn't do well for overclocking, but for a simple memory upgrade you can't beat that price)

    As for getting a second hard drive why not just partition the first one? or why worry about dual booting xp at all? If you don't already own a copy of xp it would be much better to put that money towards more hardware

    As for how far your chip will safely overclock, there is no solid answer. It depends on your mobo, VID, cooling, etc.
  5. I wouldn't trust my current motherboard to overclock, so i'll play it safe and run at stock speeds.

    I allready have a copy of xp from my old P3 pc :wahoo: , i'll probably repartition my 500gb hard drive, with about half each way (thanks for the advice). DDR2 is dirt cheap, so i'll probably buy a 1gb stick of it.

    I want to have XP in one form or another, as i've had terrible experiences with vista (the bloody thing won't even install SP1 without an error) and would like a low system-overhead OS to run my games on.

    As long as this system will get benchmarks comparable to the benchmarks, then i'm fine with it.
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