Acer aspire zg5 will not boot up

My ace aspire one zg5 powers up but the hard drive does not seem to run and there is no screen disp[lay
I have checked the hard drive , ram and they work in another computer
When i switch on the num and caps lock flash and that is it
there is no show from the hard drive led although the drive is ok
Any ideas Pleeeeeease
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  1. Do you get system beeps ?
    Have you checked video card ?
  2. Hey,
    try this. it worked with mine perfectly
    Just go to the acer website
    and d/load the bios update 3309, open the folder and copy two files to a formatted fat usb stick. Rename the file FLASHIT to FLASHIT.EXE and the second file 3309.fd(bios file) to ZG5IA32.FD rename them precisely like that, please check your spelling is correct. Insert the usb stick into the usb left hand side make sure the charger is plugged in . Hold down keys fn+esc and power up the laptop, when the power led begins to blink release the two buttons and press the power button just once, observe the usb stick flashing indicating it's flashing the bios, please note this can take a few attempts, I once struggled for a few hours until I finally tamed the beast :) be patient okay, I would like to point out if you wish to update within winxp use the same bios update 3309 , extract the zipped files to a formatted usb stick and rename the two files again but DO NOT REMOVE or interfere with the other files in the folder , with the laptop up and running open the folder and click on the Insysdeflash file only within the winflash file, this will flash your bios within windows and update it to the latest version, I read that flashing it when using the fn+esc keys merely restores the bios , I have tested this and mine updated to 3309 only when I flashed my bios within windows using the complete d/loaded bios update as mentioned . It will be worth reading the read me file to see what has changed in this bios version, I can tell you that for those out there that have password issues i.e. hdd set, the need to enter password with upper case is not a requirement more and there are a lot more fixes too, enjoy and I hope this bit of info was useful:)
  3. I can't seem to rename the files. I've tried a few different ways, but it will not let me rename them. Any help?
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