$700 or less PC, Artist/Photographer

My apologies for bringing this up again...I originally came her back in May, and akhilles helped me work up a wonderful build. (Thanks a bunch for your help akhilles!) Sadly my money fell though, and I didn't get to build it. Now some of the parts are unavailable. And when I leave my computer on with my new fan for a typical day (10-14 hours) the fan sometimes makes noise starting around hour 9... Or at least it sounds like the fan. (I may just be paranoid, but I don't trust my old P4.)

My most graphics intense game is The Sims, and Petz 5. No new games in sight for a long wile. (I prefer my Nintendo DS.)
I have a bad habit of running 25+ image heavy Firefox tabs across three windows; with twirl, Windows Live Messenger, Thunderbird, and music in the background.
Music = Pandora via IE window, Windows Media Player 9, or iTunes.
I edit photographs, and scans of artwork in GIMP.
Most of my other work is blogging, or writing in word.
Operating System will be Windows XP Pro SP2 or SP3.

So here we go...

Antec Sonata III 500 Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power Supply
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz LGA
G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB

Total w/ Sales tax $586.62 From newegg.com (I live in TN).

Now then.. That leaves about $113.38 (less sales tax) for the graphics card, and a CD/DVD set up. I'd prefer to be around $700 dollars total. I can go a little bit over, but not very much. As all the money is coming out of my savings account/emergency fund. I'm thinking about downgrading from the 3.16GHz processor to the 3.0 as It'll save a few dollars that I could use to add to the other things that I need.

Could someone recommend a Graphics card, and a CD and/or DVD burner? Please? (Preferably one that The Sims Complete's DRM works with... It hates my TDK CD Burner.)
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  1. For your needs, order this Antec NSK used recently in the builder marathon $500 dollar build. It includes the 380w power supply which is fine for your use. It'll also save you $50
    Keep the E8500 since it offers a -$25 off combo deal with your choice of motherboard, save $10 and get the free CPU upgrade.
    With money save upgrade the Hard drive to the western Digital 640GB SATA, faster, more storage and only $75.
    One of the benefits that might come from the delay is that graphic cards that weren't available 2 months ago, are now. This HD4670 is very video friendly and more gaming then you use. This HIS ICYQ has good dual slot cooling and is $80 after rebate.
    DVD burner - Liteon with Lightscribe retail version for software $30

    should all fit well within your budget
  2. Thank you very much for the help, it worked out great money wise. I'll order it as soon as I can and see how it works out otherwise. It looks great though. :)
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