MS scanner and camera wizard problem

Only opens to copy from webcam, no longer allows me to copy pictures from camera
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  1. If this just recently started, you can try doing a system restore to a date prior to when it stopped working.
  2. Thanks for that, have already tried this but still not working. Plus when restore was run it informed me that no changes had taken place. Any other ideas ?
  3. Thanks once more, but did not work.
  4. Sorry, at the end of my rope on this one. Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion.
  5. Roger that, appreciated your assistance. Anyone else out there have any suggestions?
  6. So do you mean that MS scanner and camera wizard opens for both your webcam and camera. But you can only copy photo taken by the webcam but not the camera? Or do you mean the wizard does not load up at all when camera is plugged in?
  7. Almost there I think. Wizard does not load up when camera is plugged in. If you select wizard it only shows that it will copy from webcam. Can you help?
  8. Ok, find your camera icon and double click. In left panel, click Show camera properties. In event tab, checked start this program and select microsoft scanner and camera wizard from the drop list and ok.
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