How do I put my DVDs on my hard drive?

Hello- My husband and I own thousands of DVD's and want to move them all to our hard drive... It's that simple, and yet we can't figure it out. Did I mention I'm not a computer person? Help, someone! We need serious step-by-step how-to for this. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Copying DVD's can be illegal (depending on the region in which you live) even if you own the copies... the process is called "Ripping" and the tools depend on the OS and the DVD's.

    Many DVD's use encryption (to prevent piracy) just "knowing" how to beat the encryption methods can be a crime!
  2. You will need software to "rip" them to your HDD. This is more difficult than it used to be since the various copy-protections were implemented in the last several years. I would suggest googling "back-up dvds" as your starting point. AfterDawn is a website that offers lots of info on backing-up CDs and DVDs.
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