7600 gt 3d mark5 score

i see some very high 3dmk5 scores on orb, but mine is 4300 ish that i would feel about right for this old card..
are these silly hi 12000 scores from 3x sli or something?
am only cpu 'ing a celery 3.3 but o'c' ing it to 3.7 makes no diff. Ram is 4gig corsair premo,set faster divider way beyond the cpu..
incidentally, just for u old school bang per buck scrap fixer
types out there!
this generic 7600 gt outpoints my old bfg 6800gt by 800
on 3dmark 5, but on lost coast stress test the 7600gt does 30 fps, an the
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    I had an Intel E6750 @ 3600MHz with a 7900GS. I got 9246 with a CPU score of 15512
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  3. totally different system, and 2 second number grade higher gpu.
    completely irrelevant answer.
    r manic should stuff his or her head down the khazi and keep nose out
    of dung it knows nowt of.
  4. sorry r manic, couldnt resist. 10 k was 2x7600's.
    Answer is thus..
    Vista.sp 1 or 2 32bit.
    , celery 3.3, 512 l2, @ 3.7 gig.
    4 gig 800meg ( 3 useable, all seen somewhere)
    @ faster than fsb/cpu ability.
    Generic nvidia 7600gt score IS 4300 ish points!
    backtrack o.s. to xp s.p.3,
    same system same test 5800 ish points.
    7 + fps visibly higher as test runs.
    dont do it, dinosaur runners!
    wait till an 88gt is 30 quid till u upgrade to 7. it scores the same ish as vista..
    dx ten looks like 9.
    dont give em the benefit!
    save ya doh for 6 months.
    if ya cpu is slower than 2x2.3, dont bother at all.
    my socket 462 runs the same as this.

    on 1 gig o ram. an its worth £45
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