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Every so often for the past month or so, when I boot up my system I get an error message "Disk Boot Error Please Insert System Disk and Press Enter." If I reboot I still get the same error, when I go into the Bios both my hard drives are there, but the boot priority has changed, Ive had the drives for over a year and never had this problem. Of course once I set the priority back to order then its fine for a week or so. Ive run tests on both hard disks and the Smart data is good and they pass all the tests no problem. Any ideas as to whats going on?

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  1. Sounds like either your battery is failing, or CMOS is not holding the settings. You could replace the battery, CLR_CMOS (do this at stock speed settings - no BIOS OCing settings), and/or flash the BIOS to a new version (if one is available at your motherboard's support website).
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