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I have a few queries.
Firstly, I have a Dell Precision 690 with a dual core processor. The pc can run very slowly at times and keeps having bios errors stating 'change in memory'. I think this has something to do with the version of xp i have installed, i have ordered a 'certified' but second hand version of xp professional, but have already formated my pc once, therefore;
1. How many times is it safe to reformat a pc?
2. If i reformat it, will my wireless 'realtek RTL 8185' driver work on xp?
3. As I need to install CAD (nx7) onto pc, do i just boot from disc and extract? or should i deal with bios issues first?
4.Any reviews on xp professional? as have only ever used xp home edition.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. get bios issues fixed before you proceed!
  2. thanks,
    any recommendations as to how to proceed with this though? and how do I know what the cause of the problem is?
    might it be to do with a 'cracked' operating system (as my pc is second hand, this might be the case).
    I also have graphics issues, but i have a dedicated Radeon HD5450.
    Do you think it could all be to do with the issue with the operating system?
  3. these issues can be caused by a pirated or cracked version of windows,go legit!
  4. I have bought a legitimate version of xp professional. is there a limit to how many times you can format a pc before causing issues?
  5. You can reformat and re-install a PC till the hard-drive is dead, which is no set number really. Let's say 3-4 years. You will have no issues re-using the same XP key and disk on the same computer either.

    If you go online to the hardware vendor's web site, you can find out any driver details you need. If it's running now on XP, it can run on any XP version be it Home or Pro or Media Center (32bit that is, if you install 64 bit, you need to find different drivers).
  6. no limit on reformat drive. if you are getting bios memory has changed messages perhaps bad memory, or memory not seated properly.. cmos battery could be dead also, so the settings don't save..
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