New computer build problems, help please

just built a new computer and I have it all finished.When I press the power button the cpu fan doesn't go on, I don't hear the motherboard speaker posting, and my monitor doesn't go on. But when the computer starts or goes off the cpu fan jumps for a quarter turn then stops.

What do you guys think it could be?

I switched out graphics cards and it wasn't that, tried a different 4 pin fan power on the motherboard for my cpu fan to no avail, I have made sure everything is plugged in right. What is wrong D:

My specs are:

750tx corsair 750 watt

GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard

q6600 processor with stock cooler for now.

hard drive

dvd rom

4 sticks of ddr2, etc.

Oh and at first it did a reboot cycle, but I only let in run for 10 seconds total before I figured out my dumb ass case manufacturer mislabeled the front panel headers and had me putting the LED into the power area ,etc.
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  1. I went over all the wires again and pushed them in, now it posts but I have no screen. CPU fan works fine now too.

    I thought it might be the graphics card so I switched the 9800gx2 out with my old 7950 gt and booted, the fans started at a really low rpm and slowly worked there way back to normal and then the computer crashes...

    Its not the ram I switched that out too, I think im about to switch in my old PSU D: and see if that works and make sure my PSU isn't broken.
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