Lost sound save for headphones.

It seems my problems are just piling up.

I can't get sound to work anywhere but on my headphones and only though media players. I don't get any sound with watching voeh, or youtube, or anything streamed off the internet. My Yahoo has been acting up as well saying that my sound is currently being used by another program yet when I shut off all of my components that would use sound i get the same error. I'm also getting script errors on yahoo when I try to copy something or click on a link. They all kinda happened around the same time I lost my cam. Then went the sound and then went my yahoo. I was wondering if these probablems could all be related really as to why I'm not receiving sound.

I believe It's a Realteck or something sound card and It works fine when I use my mic but I can't mess with the volume or anything it's just silent in some places and sometimes it only works with my headphones and still on with anything that deals with the internet.

Possible virus?

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    If you have a sound card, you should turn off integrated audio in the bios and use the ports on the sound card only. Make sure the drivers are installed also in the Device Manager.
  2. Do you have codecs installed?
  3. All of that checks out and everything on that end works fine. It's just whenever I try to use sound like on youtube or voeh or imeem. These sites all worked until recently.
  4. Solved: It turned out that there's a registry error in the newest micro media flash players from adobe. It causes the sound to be re routed through your modem so I had to reset the sound to go through the sound card again. Adobe hasn't gotten on the problem yet.
  5. how did you fix it, Im having the same problem. I try to watch Youtube and suddenly it cuts out and I hear it on speakers as if my headphones were not plugged in at all. I reboot and it doesnt solve it, and it will flicker on and off... like it will go to speaker and then for a split second go back to on headphones. Sometimes lately I will hear from only one side of the headphones (either side, alternates)

    After this happens I cant get the sound from anything like windows media. All to speakers.

    I notice its related to watching Youtube videos though. Maybe I should uninstall my Flash player to check but then how would I watch Youtube...

    It sounds like similar solution, can you post how you fixed it?
  6. What I did was go into your sound manager's Multi media function. This opens up your settings and what not.

    Second go to the Audio Tab can look for the sound playback section.

    Check the hardware. It may be routed through your modem. What you want to do is hit the scroll drop down bar and change it to your sound card.

    At least that's how I fixed it. If you have any problems searching for the Multimedia function run a search. I have a Sound Management program called Sound Effect so all of my things are in one place.
  7. apparently thats not the issue on my end... its only showing Soundmax.

    I still have testing to do if its Flash on my end, but last night when it happened I uninstalled and reinstalled flash and it was back up. I thought maybe yay it was fixed but no sooner, another youtube video and it did it again. Im noticing that initially, before it happens the first time, it has no problems until either a) I pause the video b) I adust the volume on the video and c) sometimes if the video has issues loading.

    After that first time, it will do as stated above and then I could just be sitting there my laptop is not moving, nothings moving it, nothings touching the jack or headphones nothings near and it will still fluctuate. And my fan is on the opposite side of the lappy so that doesnt move it either. So to me this cant be a hardware problem... I hope its not.

    Ok it just happened again, I uninstalled adobe and tested windows media - still going to speakers. I installed adobe and tested the youtube I had up and it played. I paused to stop the video to type this and sure enough fluctuating again.

    I also notice this, when I leave my headphones on and play nothing, you know how you hear the "air" so to speak when the headphones are plugged in, I hear constant... for lack of better word ... pops. Like the noise is it switching back and forth... and its rather frequent. I dont know if thats what that is, or if thats something normal...
  8. It sound's like you have a sound card that's gone bad. You may need to get it checked. If you're fan isn't moving then you really really should get your laptop checked. You could have over heated and melted something!
  9. no my fan is moving, Im saying its not near my sound card so any movement (ie subtle vibrations) from it isnt affecting the sound card..
  10. Ahh ok well still I'd get your sound card checked. It sounds more of an issue with the hardware then with the program
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