Intel to release energy-efficient Core i5 CPUs

Intel to release energy-efficient Core i5 CPUs

Q1 2010

Just recently, Intel announced the introduction of three new energy-efficient quad cores for its Core 2 lineup - Q8200s, Q9400s, and Q9500s with 65w TDP. Later this year in August or September, the company intends to launch its 45nm Lynnfield Core i5 processors, based on socket LGA1156. Moreover, these initial models will carry a TDP of 95w.

In Q1 2010, Intel plans to release complementing energy-efficient 65w TDP models. The primary focus behind this is not only to bring down the energy consumption of the CPUs, but also to enable quad core scalability for 65w optimized platforms. In effect, this will bring more low power, high performance cores to the small form factor, notebook, and all-in-one market segments.

On another note, the low-power Core i5 processors are expected to enter the market in Q1 2010 at prices higher than their standard counterparts.


VR-Zone has a chart on this as well:

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  1. That cool. HTPC fanatics will like the even cooler quads.
  2. five's ....smive's >thats my repsonce
    energy efficiency is for noobies, servers and amd's market department!

    run your i7 at 4ghz on air and be a real gamer! email me about a 5ghz one!

    its really just an i7 reject?

    lets face it i7 is energy efficient turn it down!
  3. let get this right?

    intel is going to bin to energy efficiency? owe that is another nail in amd's coffin!

    seriously: (last post was my usual lets have fun) seriously, the dual socket thing is stupid but great marketing - sounds like an amd move

    very disappointed by this move -- intel i am your number one fan!

    i see the marketing aspects but also see backlash
  4. i wonder if it's gonna be any different than the whole 65w yorkfield release..supposedly no extra overclocking headroom (at least according to anandtech
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