HELP! After updating Bios PC wont boot

i decided to build another computer with my old parts but with an new motherboard

asus m3a78
phenom x4 9550
corsair 400w
cheap ram 667mhz

well.. i got everything workin.. vista ultimate 32 installed..
but after i updated my bios and after my comp shuts down. it wont start up again. i mean the power comes back on but the screen is nothing!!!

i tried resetting the cmos but its still broken!!! HELP! and would returning and getting the exact same mobo fix the problem? :fou:
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  1. Classic BIOS update gone wrong. If it will not POST (try the usual stuff, take everything out but CPU, Video Card, 1 stick of memory) Clear the CMOS by removing the battery for 10 minutes or so.
    If nothing works, you are now the proud owner of a dead motherboard.
    Nothing you can do but return it if the BIOS chip is not removable.
    If it is removable, you can contact ASUS for a new BIOS chip.
    Good luck with the motherboard, and trying to get hold of anyone at ASUS as well if you are going to try for a new BIOS chip.
  2. oh wow.. i didnt do that yet.. do you think returning and getting the exact same motherboard would work?
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