Does an ssd card makes games more efficient when playing??

Does an ssd card makes games more effician when playing?? or is it only when loading the game??
2- if i want to have an ssd hard disk do i have to install the windows on it or can i install the windows on a Western Digital hard disk in make the ssd only for the games or how does it work usually when people put bott a normal hard disk and an ssd hard disk??????
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  1. SSDs only increase loading times for games, windows, apps or what ever you put on it. Once the game is loaded then all the needed data is stored in ram, so assuming you have enough ram, there will be no transactions with the drive.

    Usually you will see people but windows and games/applications on the SSD and use the hard drive for data. But you can arrange what goes where any way you want.
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    SSDs only speed up disk I/O. All games use disk I/O when they first load, so SSDs will speed up the load time. After that, it depends entirely on the game and on how much RAM you have.

    If the entire game doesn't fit into RAM, then the system will swap memory out to the pagefile. If you're in that situation, having the pagefile on an SSD will speed things up, but a much better solution would be to add more RAM (bearing in mind that if you go to 4GB or beyond you need to use a 64-bit OS to be able to use it all).

    If the entire game does fit in RAM, then an SSD won't make any difference to the actual game play unless the game needs to read from the disk. In some games this might occur at scene changes, for example.

    The way to tell is to play your game and if it seems to pause or stutter then pay attention to whether or not the disk activity light is always on a lot at the same time. A flicker or two of the light doesn't mean much, but for example if it's on pretty solidly for a few seconds then an SSD could potentially help.
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  4. Some games with large maps where you have to travel from one zone to another (such as Oblivion) load data while you are gaming. In this case you may benefit from a faster drive in some situations.
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