Does 'remove program' work in the safe mode ?

I am desparate to remove the virus 'XP Total Security 2011'.

I can't open Windows or ANY app, for that matter, so I can't update my virus defs, or apply any antidote. I can however, get into Safe Mode.

My first thought it to try to remove the installed program, using conventional methods, starting with Safe Mode removal.

If that fails, I will have to try editing the Registry - tedious and delicate as syntax is so important.

Gord Clark
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  1. Yes you can remove programs in safe mode. (if it will remove)
    Or, you can recover your personal files, make a backup, reinstall the operating system.
    Or have a computer shop do it for you.
    Don't mess with the registry, it's better to recover your files by removing the hard drive and installing it as a second drive on a working XP computer.
    You installed free security downloads? Hows that working out for you?

    Once you get it going again, use only a professional all in one security system. This is NOT a free download. Norton, Panda, Kaspersky are the ones you should be thinking about.

    Start the computer in safe mode, try to backup your files to a thumb drive. After you backup all your personal stuff, reformat the drive and do a fresh install of XP or win7.
  2. Don't mess with this thing manually, especially editing the registry or removing files.

    Start SafeMode with Networking. Install Malwarebytes, run the update, do a Full Scan.

    Then reboot, start in SafeMode again, run a second sweep. Should be all set.

    You can't remove these things with Add/Remove programs anyway.
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