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im going to be getting a new hard drive i need help picking one out i would like it to be 1terabite and have more than 7200 rpm and i need it to be 3.5 inches and a sata port as well i have this computer with a 550 watt psu and a ati 4890 this is my computer

i would like it to cost 80 dollars thankyou

and im gunna oder it tonight im not waiting for any deals
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  1. Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB SATA 3Gb/s 32MB-cache 7200rpm is a great option.
  2. will it fit 100 percent
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    1Tb....... ok.
    more than 7200rpm has 7200rpm. The WD raptors run at 10000rpm but they are very expensive and their max. capacity is 300Gb.
    3,5 inches.....ok
    80$.....It costs 90$

    You won't have any problem. It's fully compatible with your system.
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  5. thank u
  6. i bought it right now after i did my own measurements of course but u still get best anwser
  7. it worked
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