HSF confusion

Hey there :hello:

Heres my specs:

Asus rampage extreme
OCZ DDR3 4GB platinum edition

i cant decide on a cooler

here are my options:
1) Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus
2) Corsair H50
3) Cool-it ECO A.L.C

i WILL overclock only after i've got a good SOUND cooling solution
but i cant place my sights on any

btw my case is a thermaltake Spedo

i'd need replies soon as i'd wan to place an order as SOON as possible :)

thanx all!
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    Get the 1st one, I had the same confusion. After many advices, the H50 and Hyper 212+ have the same performance.
  2. i found the Coolit looked kinda neat with the unit being minimal, less cumbersome and i don know abt the direction of airflow through the radiator but i'm kinda leaning towards it...that wasnt the scene when i saw the hyper b4 it :) great bang for buck in all aspects - the hyper i mean :)

    what say saint19 ?

    anybody else have an opinion?
  3. The Hyper 212+ is supposed to be a very good cpu heatsink, especially considering the price. Technical reviews are favorable.

    I installed an original Hyper 212 in a HAF 932 case mod. Results were excellent.
  4. A liquid cooling system though pushing water into a similarly sized heatsink would yeild similar performance. But it is 1 up from heat pipes.

    More expensive than it is worth. If you find it for less than $80 then go for it. I know a friend who got a H50 on sale a bestbuy for $50. Otherwise stock price is not worth it.
  5. :) hmmm understood any more opinions ?

    thanx for the replies guys
  6. I installed a CM Hyper 212+ on my i7 860 and compared it to stock cooling. With ambient temps 18C I hit:

    Idle - Stock: 25C
    Idle - 212+: 18C

    Prime95 8 threads - Stock: 80
    Prime95 8 threads - 212+: 51

    IBT 5x High 8 threads - Stock: 85
    IBT 5x High 8 threads - 212+: 53
  7. ekoostik - very similar results to my original Thermalright 120, original Coolermaster Hyper 212, and my brand new Thermalright Venomous X.
  8. Glad to hear it. Pre-purchase, I was a little worried about what performance I'd get given the price. Between that and the fact that it's the first aftermarket (let alone backplate) HSF I've installed, I was pleased when I booted it up and the temps weren't higher than before!
  9. +1 for 212
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