which AMD processor to get for new htpc

I am a little confused as to what processor will give me the best results for my new htpc, here are my choices

the are all in the same price range, that is why i am confused, I am going to order tomorrow so all replies will be helpful

1. i am in the uk
2. Im sticking with AMD on this build
3. if you have any other suggestions that are in the same price range the go ahead.
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  1. The 5200 will be the fastest it is clocked at 2.6 with 2mb cache the first cpu will use the less power and will be the coolest not sure what a 4850e would cost but that is clocked at 2.5 and uses the same amount of power as the 4450e so it to is a low power cpu
  2. yeah, if possible find a 4850e, pretty powerful yet energy efficient
  3. If you don't go for the 4850e try to at least find a 65nm processor instead of one of the 90nm.

  4. what is the difference between the 65nm and the 90nm?
  5. The 65nm will use less power and generate less heat.
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