Palit Radeon HD 4850 Sonic 1gb

yay or nay?
Palit Radeon HD 4850 Sonic 1gb ...

i know the 1gb is prolly a bit too much for nothing but i like the fan which is taking a slot... just like HIS IceQ4 card (265$ for 512mb tho)
the 512mb same version is 225$... odd enough (both card have 30$ MIR)

do you guys think its a good idea?... im thinking bout eventually Xfiring with another ATI card too
used for gaming on a E8400, 2x2gb RAM (eventually 4x2gb), p5e x38 board, 22inch Samsung 226bw

tx in advance for opinions/expertise!
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  1. These cards have been selling for as low as $170 lately. The extra memory really won't make much difference at 1680x1050.

    The slot cooler is great but I don't think its necessarily worth the extra money. Wait for the black friday sales and such, I'm betting the prices will be pretty low come Cyber Monday.
  2. $170 US or Canadian?
  3. he's using; thus Canadian
  4. I know that is Canadian, but deuce271 wrote that those cards often are available for $170. However he didn't specify the currency. Are you confirming that it is $170 Canadian?
  5. At that price, and that resolution, I would recommend getting a 512MB 4870. I just bought one for around 210 +S&H, but thats American, and I'm not sure of the exchange rate.
  6. 4870 go for around 350$CAN here... compared to 200$ for 4850 so i ll stick with the 4850..
    i didnt choose that card because of 1gb... i know its useless, but right now, the 512mb is 225$ and the 1gb is 220$... weird rebates
    i guess i should wait a lil bit and hope for the HIS IceQ4 Already proven card to be on special sale

    deuce, you think the cooler isnt worth the money? after alll those nasty bad review bout the heat issues, i really want a card that wont heat too much, i ll also be overclocking my comp so i REALLY need my card not to go on fire!

    eager for monday!! i need a card for xmas break :D
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