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Ok, listen here you guys, I 'bout had enough of everyone talking about 4GB of ram and how easy it is to overlock them. I don't have 4GB of Ram. I have six gigs! So I'm in a different boat (I kinda rephrased that saying). Quite obviously, if I intend to OC my E8400 w/ my EP35-DS3L I can't go by anything someone with 4GB of ram says, since I have six gigs (has a nice little ring - six gigs... kinda like cockz'nballz). So no matter how much time I spend browsing through this forum and no matter how many more threads I encounter talking about OCing E8400 with four gigs, I'm not going to find an answer. Here's the deal.
I increase the CPU frequency to 445. With a 9x multiplier that adds up to 4.0GHz.
My Ram is DDR2-800. I have 2x2GB Corsair sticks and 2x1GB Adata (or whatever that no-name bullsh** a** ram is called). When I crank the frequency up to 445, my current RAM setting reads 890, which is 90 over the set value. Now here is what differentiates 4GB and 6GB users. Apparently, someone with 4GB can go all the way up to 890 without having to change much about the DDR2 voltage. With me though, Prime always fails after 5 minutes saying that some value is .5 and .4 was expected or something.

So do I have to increase the voltage by a lot more than people with 4GB or can I not overclock 6GB of ram with this mainboard. Any thoughts on this?

Thank you.

Dante VanRosenfeld
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  1. Does your motherboard limit the speed of the ram when more than 2 sticks are inserted? Because some motherboards advertise that sure it can handle memory at full speed. Like your board says ddr2 1200 right? But in the user manual you should check if there is a fine print that mentions about ram speed limitations. My board also has 4 ram slots and advertises that it can run dims at 1066 speed but the fine print says that when all banks are populated, it can only run all sticks at 800 mhz for stability. Since you overclocked your cpu and ram, the board may be limiting the speed, what is the max voltage that your ram can handle? Maybe you should set it at that voltage to make it run at full speed without frying it.
  2. I will look into that. Thank you. I love you.
  3. "I have 2x2GB Corsair sticks and 2x1GB Adata (or whatever that no-name bullsh** a** ram is called)."

    This may be your problem, you are using 2 different brands of ram, they may have different timings and voltages. One important thing to consider when overclocking ram is that you need all of them to be of the same maker, timing and voltage. If they have different timings and voltages, then you can't really maximize their potential.
  4. cpuz says the corsairs are 5-5-5-18,22 and the bullsh** ones are 5-5-5-18,23

    Whats that last number? Would you say they are compatible? Are those the automatic timings or is that just what I set it to in BIOS?
  5. i think that's the tRC 22 and 23. those are the spd for the ram sticks, the default, if you want to know all the values, download everest and under Motherboard -> SPD it will tell you the timings for the ram, all the values you need to manually input in the bios, if you let the motherboard choose "auto" settings for the ram, it's gonna try to find the stable settings in the memory's programmed spd, it might get tricky if you manually set them since they have different timings
  6. Very interesting. You kinda sound funny and knowledgeable at the same time. You should really look into becoming a comedian. Don't try to become a teacher though, I strongly discourage you from that.

    So where do I get this everest software? Thanks for the help.
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