7 broke my harddrive?

ok so i just bought a raptor 300g 10000 rpm drive hook it all up and boot off a disk that had 7 on it. i begin installing windows and realize that i didn't select a slow partition. being that it is a new drive i canceled the installation to start over. i rebooted and tried to boot off the cd again but it gives me the bootmgr is missing error

is it possible that windows 7 destroyed my hard drive by exiting the installation?
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  1. Did you get the message to Press any key to boot from the CD?
  2. ya i have the cd drive as the first boot device
  3. im starting to think its a mobo issue because it wont even boot the 7 installer when i have a harddriv i know works connected
  4. I had the same problem. Unplug your old hard drive from the computer so that only the 10K drive and your DVD drive are attatched, then Windows 7 should intall properly on the 10K drive. I'm not sure if you can repair the OS or if you have to reformat and reinstall.
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