hey i currently own a gtx 260 in my system but have an sli mobo and an old 8800gts 320mb. Can i put the 8800gts in the 2nd pci-e slot and use it for physix acceleration?? And if so how do i enable it
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  1. yes, you can. enable it under your nvidia control center.
  2. thanks ill try that tommorrow
  3. really? so it doesn't need to be the same gpu to sli? yay nvidia has finally caught up with ati :lol:
  4. He didn't say he was going to enable SLI V3nom, he said is was going to use the GTS as a PhysX card. For the record, all Nvidia 8 and above series cards with at least 256MBs of ram can be used as a PhysX card. (remember that Nvidia bought PhysX.) The last benchmarks I saw of this involving a 9800GT and a 9500GT showed a small boost in frame rates.

    AMD doesn't allow CF of different cards either btw. You can not SLI the 4850 with the 3870. You could CF the 3870 and the 3850 because the card were similar enough to each other that it would work. I haven't heard if you can do the same thing with the current 4xxx generation.
  5. You can crossfire any 4800 series card with any other 4800 series card like 4870X2 and a 4830, but I don't know of anyone who has tried it :D. You can see the compatibility chart here

    I'm curious though as to why they removed the 3870 3850 combination from the chart since the previous one had it. I guess they are trying to encourage people to buy the newer cards if they want to crossfire :).
  6. I've noticed that the charts aren't really up to date. I've seen combinations disappear before. I've always assumed that they simply can't show ALL possible combinations, so some have to be removed over time. I guess they could be removed because the drivers no longer allow it.
  7. You could do either or. A 9500GT or a 9400 is pretty cheap. (MUCH cheaper then buying the old PhysX card.) Or as the OP said, just wanting to reuse your old Nvidia card. As a side note, you don't need an SLI board because you aren't using SLI. Using PhysX, all you need is a board with at least two PCIe 16 slots, CF boards are included. Remember, you ARE NOT enabling SLI.
  8. I said slots, you don't need 16 lanes as far as I know. I wish I had some PhysX games. My Asus A8R-MVP has two PCIe 16 slots that are 8x/8x in CF mode. Seeing as I'm not doing CF, they should run at 16x/1x. I could run my x1800xt in the primary, and my new 9600GSO/8800GS in the other. From what I know however, the game needs to support physX, and I don't have any of those...
  9. So if I add a 8 series GeForce to my Sli Mobo, together with my 4870, will I also be able to use it for Physix?
  10. Only in XP, not in Vista.
  11. I've got a question about that. Now that I've switched back to team green, I noticed I've got PhysX in my drivers. Seeing as PhysX isn't a video driver, is it possible to still use the Nforce drivers just for PhysX? Is there a seperate PhysX driver? Anyone with Vista, an AMD and an Nvidia card on a CF motherboard who can test this? I'd test this with my x1800XT and 9600GSO on either my A8R-MVP or P5K-Deluxe, but I don't have Vista.
  12. are you saying you can put another nvidia card in the second slot, and you don't need an sli bridge or anything, you just enable it as a physx dedicated card?
  13. Yup. Nvidia bought PhysX, and enabled it on all their 8 series cards that have at least 256MBs of local memory. You DO NOT put an SLI bridge on them, as you don't run them in SLI.
  14. Actually I have PhysX drivers on my laptop with narry an nVidia component on it (part of some games), but for their to be GPU acting as PPU it's the graphic driver component working with the PPU calls to emulate the PPU. Without the GPU drivers it won't work, and since Vista doesn't like 2 graphics drivers at the same time, it's not doable without a major hack that essentially breaks a bit of WDDM.
  15. Gotcha. Yet another reason for me to avoid Vista. I hope this gets fixed with win7, but I think I know better then that...
  16. TheGreatGrapeApe said:
    Only in XP, not in Vista.

    Not true at all.

    NVIDIA PhysX System Software WHQL
    Version: 9.09.0428
    Release Date: June 03, 2009
    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
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