Whats the most multitasking you do?

what cpu do u have and what multitasking have you done?

i usually do not multitask that much. i have firefox + irc + foobar open most of the time. i tried converting a video and playing quake 3 but that did not go over too well lol.

E8500 @ 3.8
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  1. E4500 @ stock (long story)
    Stream videos/movies/TV from UUSee, Firefox, Yahoo msg.
    The most intense Multitasking I've done is use HWmonitor, play a Blu-ray movie and play crysis warhead on my friend's Phenom II @ 3.8, HD 4870
  2. Sempron LE-1100 @ 2.0GHz

    Only light multitasking here. Usually firefox while playing mp3s and a word document or a PDF file or two open, sometimes printing a document at the same time. Often, I'll watch TV (either previously captured or on a streaming flash site like Hulu) while surfing the web. Rarely, I'll burn a CD or DVD in the background, or I'll transcode some video on low priority while on the internet. Usually when I play a game I won't have anything going on in the background except for Fraps, Task Manager, Zonealarm, RMclock, and other minor always-on apps.
  3. The most multithreading I do is when I run Prime95. I hardly do any multitasking on my PII. Do tons on my laptop Core 2, but that does it horrendously.
  4. i run 3 monitors

    music and burn dvd on one, email and surf on the other and game on the third using a daul. little laggy but hey!

    with 2 monitors its fine.

    with my quad we can burn and game and im and music
  5. for work i usually have around 20-30 firefox3 browser tabs open at a time along with email as well as the occassional kmplayer window open watching AND/OR encoding movies and tv on dual LCD monitor setup :D
  6. Very little personal multi-tasking on my dual core system. I usually listen to an Internet radio station while editing digital images or working on a web site for a club I belong too.

    Might want to consider the operating system. I understand MS Windows does an awful lot of multi-tasking that users don't ever see or consider.
  7. E8600 @ 4.3 Ghz

    Firefox, winamp, AIM, Xfire, Call of Duty World at war online, WoW, and converting video files.

    That was kind of the record and the first time I slowed my CPU down...
  8. The_Blood_Raven said:
    E8600 @ 4.3 Ghz

    Firefox, winamp, AIM, Xfire, Call of Duty World at war online, WoW, and converting video files.

    That was kind of the record and the first time I slowed my CPU down...

    do u get any lag when converting video + playing a single game or is it only when doing dual games?
  9. It depends on the game actually, but when I am running 2 games at once one is always minimized so they don't require a that much in the way of resources. If I play games like Crysis, Far Cry 2, or other more strenuous games then there are semi frequent slow downs. I convert a lot of videos because I watch them at work with my Archos 5 and I am very picky about the quality so I make sure to boost that as much as possible. I haven't really gotten to the point where I want to spend the money on a quad, but my mother's PC that I built her with a Q6600 @ 3.6 Ghz never has any slowdowns when doing the same. Yeah I use her PC when mine is being messed with like testing my WC loop.
  10. Too bad BaronMatrix and his "megatasking" litany isn't here :D
  11. AMD athlon dual core 2.8ghz OC
    3GB Kingston Value RAM (2GB and a 1GB both at 800mhz)

    i can do orthos while on internet exsploer as if orthos wasnt running and i have norton running.


    i have played cod1 (yes cod1 until i get a video card, curently on intergrated) online while doing a full system scan (160GB 500GB and 500GB firewire, takes forever) and downloading a 2GB utorrent file, along with itunes converting WMA to AAC. oh and i was bakcing up the 500GB to the exsternal 500GB and i was running smooth. i could probebly do it with stick CPU speeds too.
  12. The most multi-tasking I"ve done? Hmm, well I've had Microsoft Internet Explorer Open while listening to music, and working on a word document, while messaging on facebook and writing things down on a notepad. We had a computer built for our family that has been able to chomp through anything we've thrown at it. I prefer to not have so many things open though, I guess I could use virtual administrative assistant to get my stuff all in order. My desktop could use a good spring clean. Now that I think about it, maybe waiting to message my friends until after might be a better idea.
  13. Multitasking is for n00bs. I megatask on my computer.
  14. There's multitasking and there's real multitasking.

    At work I frequently have autocad, explorer, adobe acrobat, outlook express, maybe notepad or wordperfect all open at the same time, BUT only the foreground task is actually doing something. The others are waiting for input and since I'm doing input in the foreground task only, the others are idle. This isn't really multitasking. When I ordered a new machine for work, I ordered a dual core processor. (Still waiting to get new software installed so I can actually put this machine in use but that's not the machine's fault.)

    At home the most I usually do is run firefox, notepad, maybe downloading some files, maybe copying some folders in explorer, maybe running a virus scan. I'm apt to have 2 or 3 windows open that are all doing something all at the same time. Running a virus scan, downloading files or copying folders can each occupy a single cpu core. Since I might have several things going on at the same time I built a quad-core machine for home.
  15. Probably the heaviest load multitasking I've done was simultaneously running a long matlab program, rendering an animation in Solidworks, and playing Crysis (Ahh, the joys of the week before finals :D).
  16. Here at work: Intel Xeon E5405 @ 2.00GHz w/4GB RAM on WinXP Pro 32bit

    What am I doing right now?

    Novell Groupwise
    PL/SQL Developer
    Windows Exploder...I mean Explorer
    Plus all the Dell pre-loaded stuff

    My biggest problem is network speed, since I share the network with some 400 people here (including our IS dept) and it bogs down sometimes.
  17. I run dual wide screen monitors.

    I often watch tv/films on one monitor and play a game on the other. I always have other apps running 24/7 such as mIRC, miranda, firefox and usually u Torrent.

    I get by just fine with 4gig of ram (on vista64).
  18. Multi-task?, mega-task? sod that lets TERA-TASK [:mousemonkey:4]
  19. Mousemonkey said:
    Multi-task?, mega-task? sod that lets TERA-TASK [:mousemonkey:4]

    No...the heck with that!

    Go to...LUDICROUS TASKING! :lol:
  20. jcknouse said:
    No...the heck with that!

    Go to...LUDICROUS TASKING! :lol:

    And if that don't float your boat, QUANTUM-TASK!! [:mousemonkey:3]
  21. 8 firefox tabs...

    As you can see, my QuadFX rig is well used. My platformance is untouchable by your puny rigs.
  22. randomizer said:
    8 firefox tabs...

    As you can see, my QuadFX rig is well used. My platformance is untouchable by your puny rigs.

    Where da kittah?
  23. How about running trail version of 3ds max 9 on 3 separate computers so they can all render at once to get a bunch of stuff done for finals.
    X2 7750 @ 3.0ghz
    X4 9850 @ 3.0ghz
    X4 940 @ 3.5ghz

    Otherwise I do the usual; msn, aim, xfire, itunes, firefox/IE8, vlc media player, burn files to a dvd, transfer files across my network, adobe dream weaver, adobe fireworks, adobe photoshop, autodesk 3ds max, autodesk combustion, torque game engine, unreal tournament 2004, unreal engine(custom levels), etc

    Although I haven't ran every program there at once, I do run a large combination of them on a regular basis, the adobe products will all be open with most everthing listed before them when I'm working on a website. Than 3ds max, photoshop, and a game engine are typically running at once(usually play testing the game at the same time). I also have combustion, 3ds max, and dreamweaver open together when working on my demo reel and uploading it.

    Most of that work is done on my Phenom 9850 as I converted that build into my workstation, the Athlon X2 is my HTPC/back up gaming rig, and the Phenom II 940 is my main gaming rig.
  24. (Bored at work with nothing happening today so I thought I'd answer)

    BASE System (In the background. This is only on my Development box. For production the database and job server(s) are on different boxen.)
    Virus Scanner (McAffee)
    Cisco Security scanning software (Watches to see if I install anything and notifies "Central Services".)
    MS SQL Server (Development and also repository -- all legacy systems are done in MS SQL)
    Oracle Dev Server (Development Work -- Moving to Oracle. Yet again. After we moved from Oracle to MS SQL.)
    Weblogic Server (It runs for now... but it is being phased out... I can probably remove it soon.)
    Business Objects Server (Used for Data Integrator)
    Business Objects WebAdmin Server (Yet another webserver)
    IBM DataStage Server and services (TONS and TONS and TONS and TONS of stuff. IBM is never a clean install.. they load up everything and the kitchen sink.)

    (BONUS points if you can identify where the name "Central Services" came from.)

    NOW the applications I might run together
    Avaya Softphone
    Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe
    Business Objects Data Integrator -- Legacy systems
    IBM DataStage -- New systems
    I sometimes run Weblogic but not as much as I used to. Only one legacy job left that uses it.
    Crisp. (A programmer's editor that can to BIG files.)
    Oh yeah... and a browser so I can read forums like this one when I'm running jobs... or on slow days like today.

    NOTE: Generally I try to close anything I'm not actively using. I often need both Data Integrator and DataStage running at the same time; but usually only for development not while actually running jobs. But then the jobs run in the servers and not the GUI anyway...
  25. ^ Brazil, the movie not the place I now claim my prize.
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