Can't overclock 5970

i just got the saphire HD 5970 and of course the overclock tool isn't working.I have windows 7 64bit.I tried to install the ati overclocking tool o.27 b2 but it did not work it had a problem with the drivers.i was wondering if anyone knew of a overclock tool i could use or if anyone could help this issue.thanx
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  1. ATITool 0.27 is from 2007, I doubt they support the 5970. You could try Rivatuner, EVGA precision tool or MSI Afterburner.
  2. The current Rivatuner 2.24 will not work with 5970. Rivatuner 2.25 is rumored that it will. I personally use MSI Afterburner or Ati overdrive and use Furmark and MSI Kombuster to stress test. You will need to modify .cfg file of MSI Afterburner if you want to pass 900MHz on the core.
  3. Why can't you use Overdrive in CCC?
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