ATI HD 4830 - no audio using HDMI

Dell E521
AMD Athlon 54 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 1.90GHz
Windows Vista 32 Bit
Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 4830
Driver: 8.541.0.0

I have an HD 4830 and I connected my PC to my TV through the HDMI output. I got a video signal but no sound. I installed the latest Realtek HDMI Audio drivers (2.09). However, it states that nothing is plugged in, even though the cable is connected and the signal is showing on my tv.

...and does anybody know why CCC displays the HDMI as DVI?

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  1. Are you using ATI's supplied DVI to HDMI adapter or a generic one? Or does your card have an HDMI output?
  2. i have the same problem, did you fix it?
  3. Same problem here as well, just with an HD 3450.
  4. Exact same issue here on a 3670. Have installed all new software and drivers from ati, but no luck. Anybody figure this out yet?
  5. Your motherboard onboard audio has to support output to HDMI. It also has to be enabled on most motherboards for the sound to work through the HDMI.

    ATI cards do NOT have independant audio on board. They simply rout the onboard audio through teh PCIx bus and into the card.

    If your chipset does not suport this feature it will not work (i.e. Realtek AC'97). If the on board audio is off it also may not work.
  6. The ATI video cards such as the HD3000s and up do have an onboard Realtek audio chip for HDMI/DVI sound.

    I have found and confirmed that my HD3650 will produce sound through the HDMI cable to my Vizio TV when I use the 8.2 Catalyst drivers. Anything before or after that will not work that I have tried.
  7. The current CCC packages come with the required audio driver.There is not a separate one required from realtek any more.
  8. I still have the same problem. Win7 home prem, latest CCC and realtek. I'm showing the same "not plugged in" image in CP - sounds. In fact, win7 seems to know a lot less than my old vista did because it seems to think both the HDMI connected TV and the DVI monitor are both device "1". It's like it doesn't konw they are two different devices like it used to with vista. Any ideas?
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