Motherboard zapped by static shock--any value?

It's a ECS K8M890M-M AM2 (only) that got zapped the other day (from outside the case no less) that I have done just about every kind of troubleshooting/faultfinding step that can be done without special equipment. I've looked with a strong light and magnifying glass and can see no indication of damage that way. Thinking that perhaps one of the chips is fried.

Do you think anyone might be willing to give me a few bucks for it?

I'm considering pulling the power connector for a project and just recycling it.
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  1. No, sorry!
  2. Mondoman said:
    No, sorry!

    So I can go ahead and dismember it? I think I can get the power supply socket off without damaging it.
  3. I'm always happy to see one less ECS MB in the world...
  4. Quote:
    What makes you think it got zapped by "static shock"?

    What kind of troubleshooting have you done to determine its no good?

    OK, I was just about to press the power button and had a shock from my fingertip to the computer. It turned on the fans only. That is without pressing the button. The discharge seems to be what did it. I turned it off after making sure I wasn't going to zap it again and have had no luck getting anything other than the fans to work.

    I've cleared the CMOS, both with the jumper and by pulling the battery. I've pulled everything but the processor and gotten no beeps to complain about no memory (can't remove onboard video). Pulled and reseated the processor and memory. Pulled from case to make sure I didn't have a short. Tried several power supplies. I can't remember all the rest, but have done a few 'out there' things as well. At one point I let it run for a while as it was (just fans spinning) then shut down and pulled the heatsink, the processor was cold.

    I tested the processor and memory in another system and they worked fine.

    This happened when I was trying to install a geforce 8800gt oc2 video card. That may have tried to draw more juice from the PCI express slot than was available but that seems unlikely since the card did have the power cables connected.

    There is one weird thing. When I got the case (used--from thrift store) the standoffs were installed with the washers between them and the case. I was lazy and did not pull out those washers which may have opened a door for a short. I have looked though and do not see any exposed traces on the mounting holes. I don't think they would build a motherboard that way anyway, but perhaps one is close enough to arc?

    Damaged from trying to run all that on a 450W power supply that only has 18A on 12V rail (single)? The card would not work on this system but I have tested it in another.
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