Cat5e Wiring: How?

Hi guys, I'm trying to setup a home wired network (having given up wireless, for gaming and uploading at least, because of the slow speeds compared to wired). Anyways, I've done some reading up and it's not clear to me. Apparently, I've found out that there are two ways of wiring the sockets of cat 5e cables, one way for computer-to-computer and another for computer-rest of the network. Can anyone clarify this? Thanks.
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  1. Any thoughts guys? Found this document detailing two different kinds of wiring.

    What do 568A and 568B mean? AFAIK, you have to use a different configuration when connecting between two computers and when connecting computers to a network. Which one is for a network?

    TIA A1 and B1, similar to what you linked, the only difference is green, brown, and the relevant whites are switched. A crossover cable flips a few pins' positions in the cable, you don't need that, you'll need a switch in your patch closet with a patch panel.
  3. 568 A Color Scheme is used in Canada while 568 B is used in the US, but they have the same speed and distance. Just do not mix one type of scheme with the other in your ethernet network cables.
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