Overclocking N00b. Please Help Me Overclock My Q6600


So i have posted here a few times already asking about overclocking but i didnt have the parts to do it, now I finally do.

New 550w PSU
New 12cm exaust fan
Zalman 9700 Heatsink

Ive run prime 95 blend test for 1hr 5mins. Max core temps were 48C but they averaged 42C so I think i have room to over clock, im only looking to go to 3.0ghz for now. Here is some images of my bios:

My ram is ddr2 667 but is currently running at 533 so i believe i have to change this:
Everest Ultimate says this under overclocking section,
1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)

Here is what my ram can be set to.

Here are my cpu/fsb settings, overclock mode can be changed to CPU,PCIE Sync or CPU,PCIE Async

This is what my Dram voltages can be, it says 2.04 is for overclocking only.


Thanks For All Your Help
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  1. Change OC mode to CPU, put it at 333. Leave everything else on auto. This will give you more voltage then you need, but since you're not pushing the chip on such a modest OC then this will just make it easy.
  2. thanks for the quick reply, the overclock mode options are:
    CPU,PCIE Sync or
    CPU,PCIE Async. So which one will I choose ??
  3. Try CPU make sure nothing else changes when you up your CPU to 333. You can also sync your RAM so in runs at 333 (667mhz) as well.
  4. Sorry i must not be writing this correct there are only two choices, either
    CPU,PCIE Sync <- one whole choice or
    CPU,PCIE Async <- Second whole choice
  5. Oh i see now, sorry i'm not 100% familiar with your mobo. Diffirent names for similar functions.

    Your first choice will up your PCIE clock in addition to your CPU i think...so you will want the second option. OCing the PCIE bus is bad.
  6. lucuis said:
    Oh i see now, sorry i'm not 100% familiar with your mobo. Diffirent names for similar functions.

    Your first choice will up your PCIE clock in addition to your CPU i think...so you will want the second option. OCing the PCIE bus is bad.

    this is accurate.

    3Ghz is a mild overclock, so you shouldn't run into any difficulties. just make sure to do the math before booting in to windows so you don;t accidentally try booting with an excessive clockspeed/voltage.

    you should be able to just raise the FSB (or whatever they call it nowadays) by the desired amount to overclock both the RAM and CPU, without needing to worry about the ratio or multiplier.
  7. There's a good chance that you can reach 3.0 GHz on stock voltage.

    For DRAM frequency, I recommend "Sync with CPU". Right now, with a 266 MHz FSB, your memory freq should be 533 MHz. As you raise the FSB to 333 MHz to reach 3.0 MHz, your memory clock will be at 667 MHz. If you leave the memory setting on Auto, your memory will try to run at 835 MHz (333 MHz/266 MHz)*667 MHz.
  8. Thanks for the help,

    I ran into alot of problems. First thing i tried was what you said set overclock mode the CPU Async, i then raised the Fsb straight to 333 save settings and rebooted. then monitor would not come on but the computer seemed to boot normal like i could hear all the windows 7 sounds and was able to put the pc to sleep using the keyboard. tried rebooting a number of times and still no monitor so had to clear the CMOS to get it working again.

    Next i tried raising the Fsb in increments of 10, i got to 300 and everything seemed to be working ok, went to 310 and it booted to windows then BSOD. i thought it was working fine on 300 as it never BSOD, but then when i went to shut the pc down it BSOD, so i am a bit lost i ran core temp and all cores are in the low 30's.

    Cpuz says my rated Fsb was at 1200mhz(not sure if that is relevant), when the Fsb was at 300 and im also not sure if clearing the CMOS caused this or if it was already like this but Cpuz says my ram is using this speed/timing (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)

    and Everest Ultimate under overclocking settings says my ram can run at the following speed/timings:

    1 GB DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)

    So does this mean my ram is running at 200mhz and my Fsb is at 300Mhz.
  9. Seems no CPU vCore settings, you'd be lucky to get to 3.0Ghz as evidenced by your stuff.

    My suggestions :

    - Set DRAM Frequency to 200mhz (RAM might not be take the oc, so underclock it.)
    - Set Spread Spectrum to Enable or Auto (Enabled is preferable)
    - Disable CPU Thermal Throttling (For now, as it need to be stable clockwise.)
    - DIsable Speedstep (Same reasons as Thermal Throttling)
    - Set CPU FSB to about 280
    - Then download Orthos and choose "Blend" test.
    - If it's doesn't stop for an hour increment the FSB another 5.
    - It is stops lower the FSB in decrements of 5.

    I would be interested in your current RAM speed your comp is running at.

    Load CPU-Z and then go to the "Memory" tab and look at your DRAM Frequency.
  10. Am in work at the minute so cant confirm until i get home but i believe it is running at DRAM Frequency: 200
  11. no point in overclocking an quad core pc, you will not even see the speed difference.
    hence quad core, 4 times 2.66 equal 10.64 og ops 10640 megahertz processor. wow that is fast, remember the good old pentium 2 of 400mhz. oh my gosh
  12. The only reason I am overclocking is because I am planning in buying an ati 5850 soon and was told on this forum that my processor would bottleneck that Gfx card, but also because overclocking is fun lol.

    Also its 4x 2.4 = 9.6
  13. ok i turned off spread spectrum and speedstep, put the Fsb to 290 and ran prime 95, one core failed after 10mins of the blend test then another at 14mins so i just stopped the test, does this mean i just cant overclock or are my settings wrong, CPU-Z says my ram is set to this:

    Please help if you can
  14. Ok so i did some messing around and ive got my ram frequency now at 333.3mhz 5-5-5-15. ive got my Fsb up to 285MHz if i put it up to 290MHz there is no BSOD or anything but if i run prime95 2 of the cores fail the torture test quite quickly but the others keep going but then i just end the test.

    Is there anything i can do to get a better overclock or is this the limit on this mb ?
  15. If it fails then it means it's unstable, by theory, your PC gaming will also crash / hang as fast as that if the game is very demanding.

    Sadly you seem to have a very budget motherboard which could severely limit your OCing potential. Whats your mobo anyway?

    Since 285FSB doesn't work well, sadly we'll step down to very minimal overclocks, try 270, then Orthos for at least an hour. If it's stable, then go 2 to 3 FSB higher.

    I suggested the lower RAM speed because we want to test the FSB limit for the processor, with the RAM running at 667, it might be failing the overclock first.
  16. If Prime 95 is failing on two of the workers in a blend test is this not due to problems with my Ram or northbridge as the blend test is testing mostly my ram and not my cpu ?.

    like if everyone can get their Q6600 cpu's to 3.6 Ghz and I cant even get mines to 2.7 Ghz stable even though my core temps never go about 48C or is this simply because I cant up my vcore as the motherboard controls this itself, but sure even if the Mb is controlling the Vcore surely i could still reach 2.7 ???

    My MB is: Asrock 4Core1333-FullHD
  17. I got exactly same MB and CPU as yours and mine only OC up to 2.7~2.8Ghz as well...
    I guess its the highest it can get for our MB :ouch:
  18. Failing blend can mean CPU and/or RAM instability.

    If you have no vcore (CPU voltage) option in your bios you aren't going to get much higher than that.
  19. I've got a locked down Dell XPS 420 and I've got it OC'd to 3.2GHz on stock voltage. To go from 2.4GHz to 3.0GHz I used a pin-mod on the actual chip (you put a tiny piece of electric tape over one of the pins on the chip). Then, I used SetFSB to get to 3.2 (the settings are different for each mobo, but basically you should be able to just move the FSB slider to get where you want it).

    Just google-image "Q6600 Pin Mod" and you will see plenty of examples of which pin to use. Couple bucks for some electrical tape and 10 minutes of your time and you're in business.
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