Will 1TB internal sata harddisk work on my old PC ?

Hi All,

I have PC with following configuration.

processor: Intel p4 1.9 GHz
motherboard: Asus i845GV
Ram : 1.15 GB
BIOS: AMI P3.00, 6/1/2004
OS: Windows XP professional 32 bit

I need your help to understand -

1. If I get a 1 terabyte internal harddisk and then a IDE to SATA adapter, then is it going to work on my system with above configuration and will my system be able to detect and make me use complete harddisk space.

2. Also, please suggest, does IDE-SATA adapter works well all the time or are there any performance issues, as I hope to use this setting for a year atleast, after which I am planning to upgrade my desktop to latest configuration.

btw, I have a Seagate freeagent Go 500GB external USB hard disk that works very well and is detected perfectly by system.
Also, I wont be using this 1TB harddisk for booting or as primary drive.

I request your attention and solution for these questions.

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  1. Unfortunately the best way to find out is to test it, or wait for someone here to share a similar experience. Just because your USB drive works fine (which is good), it doesn't mean your motherboard can support a 1TB drive, even if you're using a SATA-IDE adapter.

    I would suggest you save up money for a new platform as well.
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    You should be OK as long as you're using at least Service Pack 1 and you don't need to boot from the drive. XP SP1 included the ability to handle logical block addresses beyond the former 137GB limit.

    My personal proclivity would be to buy a SATA to PCI or SATA to PCIe adapter (depending on what kind of bus your motherboard uses). I'm not familiar with the IDE-to-SATA adapters, but I have used a generic PCI-to-SATA adapter under XP without any problems.
  3. Thanks for suggestion Sminlal and r_maniac.

    I didn't knew about PCI-SATA card earlier, but since now I do, I would certainly think about going for it instead of IDE-SATA adapter. And, of-course, LBA was another concern in front of me, even that you have answered. Thanks for answering, Sminlal.
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