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I'm putting together a new i7 system with a GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5. There is a Northbridge fan header. The instructions say to make sure it is used to prevent overheating. I see no fan on the Northbridge. There's not even a place to mount a fan as far as I can tell. What am I missing? Could this be instructions left over from an earlier iteration?

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  1. I'd remove the silly GIGA cover off the NB and slap a 80 mm fan on there with ingenuiety. At least pull the NB and mosfet GIGA covers off and good case cooling should be enough unless your really really pushing it. The x58 NB isn't as much as a heat issue as it was before on 775 sockets.
  2. Is ingenuity a brand of duct tape? (lol, jk). With stock settings and the Intel heat sink it runs remarkably cool. Idles at 35, runs games 40ish. I just my Monsoon III heat sink in the mail today. That motherhumper is HUGE! I should be able to run Crysis whilst chilling beer mugs on the CPU.
  3. Like the other GB MOBOs, the NB_FAN header is sort of a vestige, its' fan speed sense pin is not connected, it'll only supply a straight 12 volts...
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