Good 1.5 terabyte drive?

Looking to purchase a new internal terabyte drive any recommendations on a good quality one?
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  1. There are no high quality HDDs; all have high BER and start being less reliable every generation. Just live with it and invest in a backup.

    Any 1.5TB with three platters will do; samsung, WD, Seagate.
  2. whast BER ? any HDD in paticular that has good performance?
  3. If you want good performance and small storage, go for an SSD.

    If you want bad performance but large storage, go for HDD.

    HDDs themselves do not differ all that much; just make sure you get the latest generation disks with 500GB-per-platter.
  4. like which company for example WD caviar Black?
  5. I have a 1.5TB Caviar Green in my MythTV box and it's been running for a few thousand hours with no problems. It's only 5400rpm, but I don't notice it feeling slow for anything I use it for.

    Ultimately, as mentioned, if you really want good performance you need an SSD.
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