Good Temps?

According to real temp 3.40:
44 41 43 41
LCS, look at my specs.
Core i7-920.
No OCing.
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  1. coasterman said:
    According to real temp 3.40:
    44 41 43 41
    LCS, look at my specs.
    Core i7-920.
    No OCing.

    Should be a little lower
    What is it at full load?
  2. Which application or utility did you use to measure the core temperatures?

    What was the ambient air temperature (room temperature)?

    Is the temperature reading for your system at idle or were you running some sort of stress test such as Prime 95?

    Are you using the stock Intel cpu heatsink for the cpu or are you using a thrid party cpu heatsink?
  3. I'm using a Tt 780e cooler. Fail. Unfortunately, the case was a present, and the LCS was already installed in the case. I added a TMG1 rad.

    Temps at idle, using RealTemp 3.40.
    Approaches 60-70 on load.
  4. Try this:

    Run OCCT's CPU / Memory / GPU / PSU torture tests (1 hour each) and you'll know where system stands.
  5. Yeah, we need to see the load temps coasterman.
  6. I'm idling at 31 31 33 34 on my 965 stock. 23C room temps.

    Loads at about 50-52C Prime 95 small ffts.

    Measuring with calibrated Realtemp.

    Possibly because my WC CPU only loop cost $300+.
  7. Hmm well im just getting 72 C and it shoots like a rocket and stops. Then it dives like a lead weight when i remove the load.

    My idle is...
    Core 1: 50 50 50 51 50 50 51
    Core 2: 48 48 49 48 48 49 48
    Core 3: 50 50 51 51 51 50 51
    Core 4: 47 47 47 47 47 47 48
  8. Well i think temps can go to h*** if the cpu is not melting.
  9. Coasterman, check post date. You noob! J/K
  10. coaster, you using the TT watercooling? I see your problem if that is your WC rig.
  11. Which as soon as I can gather up the money, I'll be putting a Swiftech loop in its place.

    But it'll have to be quick otherwise the LCS that I have now will corrode and dump water on my mobo
  12. Mabye I should switch back to air cooling...
    Especially since I'm considering putting the 980X in my system.
  13. ^ that might be a good idea, especially if the WC system was assembled by someone else:D
  14. Well then I would be taking the LC out of my PC's name, or should I use that CoolIT Domino ALC thing?
  15. Don't touch that CoolIT Domino!

    Its not a great sollution at all!
    You Get what you pay for!

    its loud, inefficient, uses Cr@ppy cooling solution and performance is below some AIR coolers! :pfff:
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