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I am working on a Dell Dimension 400/9150 - I am trying to reinstall the operating system (XP Media Center) but I am having a problem with a keyboard failure error. I cannot press F2 for Bios setup or F12 for the Bootup Menu. Basically I can't do anything with it. There are no ps2 ports - only usb ports and my keyboard will not work on any of them.

I tried removing the battery on the motherboard and made the situation worse because it wiped out all its settings....The motherboard is pn 316736100010_R01_a00

Dell DXP051
Bios Revision A05

The hard drive is formatted but I can't install the OS because it won't boot from the
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  1. Perhaps try a different keyboard?
  2. Mondoman said:
    Perhaps try a different keyboard?

    I've tried three other ones with the same results - looks like a motherboard problem...
  3. Yep. You might be able to bypass it by installing a USB port PCI card, then plug the keyboard into one of the new USB ports.
  4. It already has one and it doesn't make any difference - same results
  5. I'm having the same problem and I have the same motherboard. I'm considering replaceing the BIOS chip, but I cant seem to find it... I'm pretty new at this. my other consideration is buying a new motherboard. what are you doing?
  6. It is a motherboard problem - USB connection is shot
  7. I've added a second USB PCI card - still won't recognize the keyboard.

    I've purchased and installed a PCI PS-2 keyboard/mouse card and connected the old style keyboard - still will not recognize the keyboard.

    This is a decent machine that I don't really want to trash - but the motherboard is $300+ and I could buy an updated computer for that kind of cash.

    any other guesses?
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