New Q9550 Vid/ Overclocking

Just went to the ups store and picked up my brand new Q9550 that came from Microcenter E0 stepping. It took a while to install with a 120 extreme without taking the motherboard out...very frustrating haha.

I was a little dissappointed when I loaded up coretemp to reveal a VID of.... 1.2875

Does VID really affect overclocking cap? I'm currently running prime95 with stock volts of 1.2875 @ 3.4ghz. Cores at load are 52, 47, 43, 43....I thought I applied the TIM evenly. I lapped the 120 before installation as well.

Is it strange that Cpu-z is showing 3.2 ghz? While coretemp and windows is showing 3.4? CPu-z is also showing a vcore of 1.2v under load...a pretty big vdrop.

What is the safe max vcore I should set this processor for?
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  1. Intel's recommended max is 1.3625 volts.
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