Boy do I need HELP

Just put my system together today, and it does not work. Been buying parts for the last 6 month and finally got them all. I guess this was not a smart way too do it because some of the stuff is out dated already, but shouls be a OK machine.
1- Antec case 5550 watt PS
2- Gigaybe GA-P35-DS3L Board
3- Evga 8600 GTS Video card
4- Corsair XMS2 4-4-4-12-800 mhs memory
5- Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
6- Intel Q9650 cpu
When I start the machine it turns on but I get no video signal,I think it going in bois because the dvd drive lights up for a few seconds.I sure I have all the wires hooked up, I am no expert but should I get bois showing up on boot up. Money is a issure not so I just don't know what too do. Should I get a cheap pci video card too see if that is the problem. Please give me a lot of advice on this problem, Thanks Guys
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  1. Try to get the BIOS up, usually means hitting the Delete key or something (I have to hit both of them or something) and just make sure that it sees everything like the CD Drive and the Hard drive etc. Make sure it can see it all, after that all I can say is check the wiring, when I loaded my PC as I put it upright one of the wires came lose and I had to reopen it so just check it all. That's all the help I am I'm afraid. Good luck :)
  2. That motherboard may need a BIOS update to boot a 45 nm CPU, not sure but if someone else will confirm that then you need to put an older CPU in there, flash the BIOS, and then put the new chip in
  3. notherdude said:
    That motherboard may need a BIOS update to boot a 45 nm CPU, not sure but if someone else will confirm that then you need to put an older CPU in there, flash the BIOS, and then put the new chip in

    That's a good suggestion. Although I have been able to boot with an improperly detected CPU... I bought an AMD X2-4400+ right when they came out and the Asus board I had listed is as AMD ??? until I flashed the BIOS. Thankfully nothing prevented me from booting so I could get ot the point where I could flash it. I didn't have a donor processor to boot up otherwise.
  4. The dvd drive will light up when it has power. So I wouldn't automatically assume you're hitting bios. The CPU should work fine, as the p35 chipset supports 45nm just fine. (I have the same board)
    Cheaper than buying a PCI video card is taking the machine to a local PC shop and paying them 15 bucks to set it on the bench and test it with their eq. They should have both an older procc, diff ram, and diff video card to test with.

    As far as my opinion goes, I have no idea. :P I've seen more than my share of 8600's doa though.
  5. Back to basics time.
    Take the board out of the case, put on cardboard.
    Put in 1 stick of memory, the processor/heatsink, and the video card.
    Hook your monitor, and all power connections, see if you can get it to post from there.
  6. +1 for jitpublisher and curnel_d

    You're going to need to eliminate everything from the build that you can and see if video shows up. if it doesn't, take it to a local shop like the curnel said.
  7. It almost sounds as if the 4-Pin CPU power (near the I/O back ports and CPU slot) isn't plugged in.

    -Wolf sends
  8. Wolfshadw said:
    It almost sounds as if the 4-Pin CPU power (near the I/O back ports and CPU slot) isn't plugged in.

  9. If the 4-pin CPU power connector is plugged in, I think the BIOS doesn't support that chip. The Q9650 is a new e0 stepping and isn't supported on that board until the very latest beta BIOS f6a that was released on 07/29/08.

    Check it out here:

    Edit: Most Intel chipsets won't post at all with an unsupported CPU.
  10. Wow Thanks for all the help, the 4pin connector is plugged in. I got the board in the spring, so the Bois is out dated I guess. I have another older cpu that I can try,just hate too take the Q9650 out and have too lock the heatsink clips again. So you can get no bois reading if the cpu is shy? I will try this Saturday after work. Never had this problem before so I knew and hoped I would get help here. I will post my results soon.
  11. Since you got the MOBO in spring I would DEFINITELY try a BIOS update. That board did not support 45 nm in early bios. I know for a fact that many boards would not even POST with 45 nm until they were updated - saw it myself.
  12. I'm Back with no Luck, put a older cpu from another machine and I still get nothing. I get nothing on my monitor when the system starts. I just think its a video card problem. I will get a chance too install the Video card in another machine Friday. I sure hope it does not work, because if it does I don't know what too do next. Not any computer shops in my area so I have too try different things. Just lost on this one, my first bad build in 10 years. If you have any other ideas Please let me know.
  13. Damn.

    As was mentioned above you should probably go to a barebones build outside of the case.

    CPU, 1 stick RAM, video card, power to main, cpu aux and video - all put together on a non-conductive surface such as a cardboard box.

    Then switch out components one by one. It could be the PSU. Some defective PSUs will power up some of the small stuff but not enough to boot the machine.

    Try another video card.

    Once all components have been checked and you are SURE it is hooked up correctly then you will have to assume you got a DOA MOBO.
  14. Thanks again for your help, I do have the board out of the case with only video card, harddrive, 1 stick of ram, cpu hooked up. When the machine starts I get nothing on the screen, not even a -. I will try another power supply Friday too. If the Video cards works and the other power supply does nothing it must be the mother board. Not sure if Gigabyte will do any thing for me since I got the board in the spring. I will never buy parts for a system for a long build time. Summer came and just kept putting off the cpu until fall, now I got problems. onther question is if there is a problem would I get peeps from the computer, because all I get is the fans all power up.
  15. Did you go from one extreme to the other? What is this "older cpu" and is it supported on that board? I still think it's probably just a BIOS problem.

    Is the 6-pin power connector connected to the 8600GTS?
  16. The older cpu is a Intel Pentium 4-630, gigabyte show the board will support this cpu with f2 bios. Yes the 6 pin connector is plugged into the 8600. When the system starts I get no type of signal to the screen. Can not tell where it is at on start up. No way too update bios when I see no screen. I have build about 20 machines and never had a problem before. One piece of this hardware has too be dead, just have too find the bad one.
  17. OK I checked out the video card and it is OK, tried another power supply with no luck. I guess its the motherboard or cpu. I got the board in March and the CPU 10/25/08.I guess I should try and sent the motherboard too Gigaybe for a checkout. I hope I get it back soon because if the CPU is bad my 30 day replace at Newegg will be up.I do not think the CPU is bad but who knows. Do you think I"m on the right track in having the board looked at. Not sure what Gigaybe will do?
  18. Getting a bad CPU is almost unheard of, possible, but EXTREMELY unlikely - getting a bad MOBO is quite common. I'm not saying it has to ba a bad MOBO - it could be something else, but I wouldn't worry too much about the CPU being defective
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