Intel ssd x25-e in raid1

I have a single x25-E drive on a production server and now I want to add a second one in order to have a RAID1 that is more appropriate in a server.
The drive model I have is: SSDSA2SH064G1GC with Firmware Revision: 045C8790.
Now that I want to buy the second one I only find SSDSA2SH064G101.
Should I still get it?
Will I have ANY problem in terms of performance or security?

Thanks for your help

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  1. I didn't specify that I'm talking about the SSD Intel drive. :ange:
  2. As long as they're the same capacity, it shouldn't be an issue. The issue comes from losing trim support, but you didn't mention what OS you're running.

    Some folks are saying the latest drivers from intel do in fact enable trim over a raid array, while others are saying it is not possible:

    The comments section has the debate regarding trim in raid. Considering several folks are swearing up and down that trim is working in their RAID array, I think it is likely that is supported now. There are obviously a lot of benefits to raiding these drives! I say go for it.
  3. I have windows server 2003 64bit..
    That doesn't support TRIM anyway.. and also the ssd is the x25-E (Extreme).
    That (as far as I know) doesn't support TRIM even in other operative systems and even non RAID but it doesn't need it as much as other versions of this drive.
    Thanks for reassuring me about putting those slightly different drives in RAID.. i just wanted a confirmation before spending all this money again!
    Buying it now ;)
  4. good luck!
  5. The X25-E's don't need TRIM.
  6. thanks for the info.
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