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I just purschased a 2wire modem att 2710hg-b and would like to connected to 24 port switch. I also have a server 2003 connected to the switch. I would like to have the server hand out the ip address instead of the router. My question is how do I disable the DHCP server from the router?
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  1. depending on your router make and model You can disable the dhcp server on the router if you go to advanced setup and in the dhcp option You should find two radio buttons off and on
    click off and you will disable the dhcp server on the router
    refer to your router documentations
  2. if I disable the dhcp server on the router would it take away the routing function of 2wire? the modem/router now just becoming a modem then I have to get another router?
  3. I don't think so... did you try it.
  4. No, it won't take away the routing function. On your Server 2k3 DHCP you will have to have configure the gateway IP (your router's IP). The router is currently handing out IP, DNS, and the gateway. The DNS and Gateway are the same coming from your router... which its pointing to the IP address of the router. When you remove DHCP from the Router, you have to configure DHCP on the server. Within DHCP on the server you'll have to configure the options to hand out DNS and the Gateway. Unless you decide to host DNS on your Server 2k3, the DNS and the Gateway will remain the router's IP. If you want to host your own DNS, the DNS option in DHCP will need to be configured with the Server's IP address.
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